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Film preview: A portrait of Niels Stokholm, an 80-year-old Danish biodynamic farmer
who runs his farm in accordance with spiritual laws.
Biodynamic Agriculture Australia (a not-for-profit organisation) promotes and supports this proven and field tested form of regenerative agriculture and gardening throughout Australia. BAA runs workshops and sells BD products. >>> more

The essence of biodynamics is to activate the natural environment and enhance productivity without deleting essential components; all biodynamic practices care for the environment.

In general,using biodynamic methods and preparations:

  • creates deeper topsoil
  • increases root mass and depth
  • increases carbon capture and water holding capacity of soils
  • improves plant health
  • raises the yield and flavour of all farm and garden produce.

Those who take on biodynamic practices find there is change in the way they approach the environment and more caring and sharing develops than they had anticipated.

"Biodynamic agriculture was the first ecological farming system to arise in response to commercial fertilizers and specialized agriculture after the turn of the 20th century."
Dr. Andrew Lorand

Rudolf Steiner
(1861-1925) originated the Bio-Dynamic farming method. Steiner was an unusually gifted person whose ideas have been used successfully in many fields besides agriculture, including finance, education, medicine and architecture.
Bio-dynamics (BD) was a name given to the ideas and ideals, principles and practices offered by Rudolf Steiner in his "Agriculture Course" given in Koberwitz in 1924, and developed for agriculture by a group of early adopters - not by Steiner himself. Steiner was concerned with renewing agriculture out of a renewed understanding of life on earth, of human and cultural development. He was deeply concerned about the degeneration of agriculture (as with other aspects of human civilization) and made every effort to show how life is not just a materialistic / mechanistic reality, but that spiritual and psychological realities actually are the more significant and at the foundation of all life.

Rudolf Steiner's unique spiritual approach to ecological questions forms the basis of a highly effective, remarkably flexible and adaptable system of re-envigorating soils and establishing a high level of health and productivity in crops and animals.

Demeter is the brand for products from Biodynamic Agriculture. Only strictly controlled and contractually bound partners are permitted to use the Brand.

Dr. Andrew Lorand provides an insightful glimpse into the conceptual model of biodynamics in his Ph.D. dissertation Biodynamic Agriculture - A Paradigmatic Analysis, published at Pennsylvania State University in 1996.

Dr. Lorand understands biodynamics as anthroposophical medicine applied to agriculture and sees the need for farmers to embrace a "diagnostic-therapeutic" approach to their profession. 

In 2009, the people of Switzerland voted to have anthroposophical medicine, along with classical homeopathy, pyhto-medicine (classical central European medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine put under protection of the country's constitution after years of government / scientific testing that proved the effectiveness of these complimentary systems for human health. >>> more

Biodynamic Faming & Compost Preparation

By Steve Diver - Agriculture Specialist
National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)
Biodynamic agriculture was the first ecological farming system to arise in response to commercial fertilizers and specialized agriculture after the turn of the century, yet it remains largely unknown to the modern farmer and land-grant university system. The contribution of biodynamics to organic agriculture is significant, however, and warrants more attention. The following provides an overview of biodynamic farming and includes additional details and resources on the specialized practice of biodynamic composting.

In a nutshell, biodynamics can be understood as a combination of "biological dynamic" agriculture practices. "Biological" practices include a series of well-known organic farming techniques that improve soil health. "Dynamic" practices are intended to influence biological as well as metaphysical aspects of the farm (such as increasing vital life force), or to adapt the farm to natural rhythms (such as planting seeds during certain lunar phases).

The concept of dynamic practice - those practices associated with non-physical forces in nature like vitality, life force, ki, subtle energy and related concepts - is a commonality that also underlies many systems of alternative and complementary medicine. It is this latter aspect of biodynamics which gives rise to the characterization of biodynamics as a spiritual or mystical approach to alternative agriculture. >>> more

Alex Podolinsky - pioneer of the Bio Dynamic method in Australia
1. Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia AGM 2007 
- Third Session Address by Alex Podolinsky
"Leaves are the sole organs on Earth able to create new material substance; in contrast everything else on Earth is a recycling of materials." >>> more

2. Open letter from Alex Podolinsky Addressed to the Healthy Common Sense of Bio-Dynamic Farmers and Peasants (Translated from German) April 2010


How to make your own BioDynamic Compost

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