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To come together in every experience; to know the power and the glow of at-one-ment.
That is our goal—to be united in the centre of our being in love.


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It's your world! 
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 29.1
"Everyone has duties to the community in which
the free and full development
of his personality is possible."

Maintaining pH Balance
Lack of oxygen
is the primary cause of
cancer and premature aging.
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Action = Impact
"We are leaving behind a world that is no longer sustainable,
and moving into a world
in which we can thrive." 
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Biologist

Economic Rent
"There is a big discovery
to be made, and this lies
in an epochal change -
the rediscovery
of Resource Rent
(aka economic rent) 
Surely, after all, it is
civilisations that fail
to evolve by not correcting

their mistakes that die."
Bryan Kavanagh

"To those who, seeing the vice
and misery that spring from
the unequal distribution of
wealth and privilege, feel the
possibility of a higher
social state and would strive
for its attainment."
Henry George, 1879

"Government 'of the people,
by the people and for the people' requires public capture of the rent, the whole rent, and nothing but the rent.

Maireid Sullivan

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